European Advisory Council, c.1944

European Advisory Council, c.1944

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European Advisory Council, c.1944

Here we see the European Advisory Council in session early in 1944. The council was set up to decide the shape of post-war Europe. On the left is the British delegation - Mr Gladwyn Hebb, Sir William Strang, Major-General S.W. Kirby and Mr. C.O'Neill. In the centre is the Soviet delegation - Major General I. A. Skliarov, Mr A.A. Sobolev, Mr F. I. Gusav, Rear-Admiral N. M. Kharlamovand Mr N.V. Ivanov. On the right is the American delegation- Lt Commander W. Sargent, Mr G. F. Kennan, Mr J.G. Winant and Admiral H. Stark. The council set up the rules for the occupation zones in Germany and Berlin.

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