French Expression Explained: La Vache !

French Expression Explained: La Vache !

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The familiar French exclamation la vache ! is a mild oath, used to express any moderate-to-medium reaction such as surprise, indignation, or admiration.

Expression: La vache !

Pronunciation: la vahsh

Meaning: holy cow! wow! damn!

Literal translation: the cow

Register: familiar


  • La vache, tu arrives tôt !
    Holy cow, you're early!
  • La vache ! Qu'est-ce que tu as fait ?
    Damnit, what have you done!?
  • La vache, j'ai trouvé 100 euros !
    Wow, I found 100 euros!


  • oh la vache !
  • ah la vache !

Similar Expressions

  • Negative reaction: oh là là ! or sacrebleu
  • Positive reaction: chouette ! or génial !
  • Neutral reaction: ah bon