Daily Mandarin Lesson: "Travel" in Chinese

Daily Mandarin Lesson: "Travel" in Chinese

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旅行 (lǚ xíng) means "to travel" or "travels" in Mandarin Chinese. If you want to express your love for travel or if you're trying to explain that you're visiting China for leisurely travel, learning how to pronounce and use the term 旅行 can be helpful.


The pinyin for 旅行 is ►lǚ xíng. The first character is in the 3rd tone while the second character is in the 2nd tone. This can be written as: lu3 xing2.

Chinese Characters

In both traditional and simplified form, 旅行 is written the same way.

The first character 旅 (lǚ) means "trip" or "travel." The second character 行 (xíng) translates to all right; capable; competent; okay; to go; to do; to travel; temporary; to walk; to go; or will do depending on the context.

Sentence Examples

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►Tā měi nián dōu chū guó lǚxíng yī cì.
He travels abroad once a year.
►Tāmen yào qù ōuzhōu zì zhù lǚxíng.
They are travelling to Europe by themselves.


Another way to say "travel" in Chinese is 旅游 ( lǚ yóu), which can also mean "tourism."