Definition for the Java Term: Parameter

Definition for the Java Term: Parameter

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Parameters are the variables that are listed as part of a method declaration. Each parameter must have a unique name and a defined data type.

Parameter Example

Within a method to compute a change to a Circle object's position, the method changeCircle accepts three parameters: a name of a Circle object, an integer representing a change to the X-axis of the object and an integer representing a change to the Y axis of the object.

public void changeCircle(Circle c1, int chgX, int chgY) { c1.setX(circle.getX() + chgX); c1.setY(circle.getY() + chgY); }

When the method is called using example values (e.g., changeCircle(Circ1, 20, 25)), the program will move the Circ1 object up 20 units and right 25 units.

About Parameters

A parameter may be of any declared data type -- either primitives like integers, or reference objects including arrays. If a parameter may become an array of an indeterminant number of data points, create a ​vararg by following the parameter type with three periods (an ellipsis) and then specifying the parameter name.​


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